And it begins: Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project begins construction

The Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project this week began construction activities along the 8.5-mile alignment that includes old railroad track demolition, building demolition and tree removal and pruning.

The contractor Walsh/Shea Corridor Constructor (WSCC) began removing old railroad tracks at two locations: Florence Avenue between Crenshaw Boulevard and Manchester Avenue and Aviation Boulevard between Manchester Avenue and Imperial Highway.

The work will be done between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and will last for the next four months. No traffic impacts are expected since this will be done in Metro’s right-of-way.

The demolition of buildings at the northeast corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and Rodeo Road will have the same work schedule but is expected to be completed in two weeks. At the same location trees will be removed beginning Thursday, Feb. 6. This is expected to take only two days and will have the same work schedule. This location will be used as a construction yard and will ultimately be the location of a future underground station.

In addition, tree pruning will take place at four locations along Crenshaw Boulevard: between Exposition Boulevard and Rodeo Road, between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Stocker Street both sides of Crenshaw Boulevard and both sides between 43rd Place and 43rd Street.

The last location will be the center island at Crenshaw and 48th Street.

For more information on construction activities please contact Metro Construction Relations at (213) 922-2736, visit the project webpage or and follow the project at Twitter at or

Here are the construction notice on these activities:

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  1. Hi Transit Rider:
    The Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project is a design/built project. As Walsh/Shea Corridor Constructor begins its construction activiies the design team is also working on the station design. So, keep tunned and soon the station rendering will be made public.

  2. I haven’t seen any design concepts for any of the stations on the crenshaw line. I’m curious what that transfer point will be like.

  3. Please contact me regarding the Crenshaw Line. I have some questions and concerns about notification of the project.

  4. “Tree removal.”

    Hopefully not any of the same trees that were so painstakingly protected during Endeavour’s long crawl to Exposition Park!