Blue Line and Expo Line may experience delays throughout the day

While trains are currently departing on schedule — as of 11:15 a.m. — the signaling issue cannot be fixed until tonight. In the meantime, please expect possible delays of 15 minutes to 20 minutes throughout the day.

If you were delayed by Blue Line this morning and you need delay verification for your employer or school, please call Customer Relations at 213.922.6235 or fax them at 213.922.6988.

Remember, for up-to-the-minute status updates, follow Metro on Twitter @metrolosangeles or @metroLAalerts or check service alerts on the home page.

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5 replies

  1. Just base it on distance. Then you won’t have to deal with this “will I make it in time, I hope there are no delays, so I can make it to the next transfer point within 90 minutes to avoid paying another $2.25” headache.

    Travel time is too uncertain to work in LA. Travel distance always remains the same.

  2. Being said that, I think Metro needs to review their “90 minute” policy in their new fare structure.

    Ninety minutes is more than enough for smaller cities like New York and San Francisco. But here in LA, where this is too big, two hours would be a more realistic grace period in this city, considering that buses are dependent on street traffic and the Metro Rail is plagued with constant delays.

  3. Matt,

    What if the service runs only every half hour like at night? The time you TAP at the turnstiles does not correlate to the time you actually board the train.

    So this can happen:

    TAP at the gate (just missed the train) at night means you can be wasting as much as 30 minutes at platform, not moving.

    On top of that, there’s a 20 minute delay, so you have to add another 20 minutes on top of that.

    That’s total of 50 minutes at the platform not moving.

    You then have less than 40 minutes to make it to your transfer point. 7th/Metro to Willowbrook can take more than that.

  4. Fare hike unfair for the poor,

    Even with a 20 minute delay, you wouldn’t spend anywhere near 90 minutes on the Blue or Expo Line. Of course, they could leave the current system in place and you’d pay to transfer anyway.

  5. Would Metro clarify how would a “$2.25 fare hike but a free transfer system within 90 minutes” work when delays like these keep happening over and over again!?