Video of this morning's groundbreaking event for the Crenshaw/LAX Line

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And here is video of this morning’s groundbreaking for the Crenshaw/LAX Line.

There are nice comments about mobility — and the need for more of it — from U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Metro would like to extend a special thank you to Secretary Foxx and Senator Boxer for making the trip to Los Angeles on Tuesday and for their help — and they were both personally involved — in getting this project off the ground.


And so it begins: ground is broken for the 8.5-mile Crenshaw/LAX Line

Social media roundup for Crenshaw/LAX Line groundbreaking

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  1. The video was made by Richard Morallo, Metro Community Relations Manager
    I do assume Richard does work for Metro, since he drives a Metro SUV. He was part of the coordination using Metro Volunteers for the groundbreaking ceremony.

  2. Send this up to Hollywood via West Hollywood by either Fairfax or La Cienega where their ridership generators are.

  3. Here is another Video taken by Metro of the Groundbreaking event.. The 5-car photos were taken by Alan Weeks. (Also, Steve has them with the correct captions (3 of the 4 captions were wrong at the event) in his Then-Now series.

    • Nice video but it’s not a video made by the agency.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  4. Now that construction has begun on the Crenshaw/LAX Line, are there plans to further the studies of the corridor to the north not just to the Purple Line but beyond where it eventually would connect to Hollywood/Highland Station? A while ago, I saw a Metro study map of the area a that showed various route alignments for a Crenshaw/LAX extension connecting to the future Purple Line at Wilshire/La Brea, Wilshire/Fairfax, or Wilshire/La Cienaga Station and running up either La Brea, Fairfax, or San Vicente (making it’s way up through West Hollywood).

    I’m excited to see the Crenshaw/LAX connection and am looking forward to see how it will integrate with the future LAX people mover.

    • Hey Craig;

      Good question. At this point, no studies are underway. However, an extension outside of the 8.5-section now under construction remains in Metro’s long-range plan, albeit as an unfunded project. That extension would presumably be to the north. The hundred-million dollar question (to lowball it) is whether funding can be found for that section — I think that would ignite a more detailed study of pushing the train to the north and how far north it goes.

      Where would the money come from? If there’s a ballot measure proposing a new tax increase, perhaps. However, such a project would have to compete with other projects around the county. No decision has been made by the Board to definitely pursue a ballot measure, nor has the Board chosen whether to pursue an extension of Measure R or a new sales tax (which could more easily pay for new projects).

      I just wrote about this in headlines a bit. Obviously a line running from Hollywood all the way to the Crenshaw/Corridor and then on to the South Bay via an extended Green Line would be quite a project. And obviously closing the gap between Crenshaw/Expo and either the subway or Hollywood/Highland would be a pricey proposition. Could it happen? Sure. Does it have the political backing to make it happen? Hard to say. I don’t hear much talk of it outside of transit circles. So we’ll see.

      I certainly think it’s something that is worthy of discussion, especially if a lot of money is going to be spent connecting LAX to the Crenshaw/LAX Line — a longer north-south corridor would make it easier to get to the airport.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  5. Another glorious MTA boondoggle! It will take a decade+ to complete, and another half decade to get running, and in the meantime bus lines will be reduced, eliminated, and fares will be raised! And yet the MTA thinks this is progress! HOW?

  6. Expo 1 had delays- who was the contractor?
    Expo 2 and Foothill Gold are rolling along in a timely manner- who are those contractors ?
    Who did Crenshaw pick ?