First 'Jamzilla: you've been warned' video debuts

First the news, in case you missed: from late Friday, Feb. 14 through early Tuesday, Feb. 18 the northbound 405 through the Sepulveda Pass will be entirely closed late night and partially closed during the day for repaving. That means traffic — unless people stay away from the 405. More details here.

As for the above video, this is what happens when easy-to-use video editing software falls into the hands of any bloke who has a laptop (bloke meaning me). Enjoy all 14 seconds of it.

Think it’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen on video? Make your own Jamzilla video. If you can keep it G-rated and stay moderately on subject, I’ll feature it here. Who knows, maybe you’ll be discovered, out-of-work screenwriters, directors, actors….

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