Metro ready to roll hockey fans to Dodger Stadium for Ducks vs. Kings

Dodger Stadium Express Map

Outdoor hockey isn’t exactly the norm in Southern California, and getting to see an outdoor hockey game at Dodger Stadium? Could be a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

Metro is ready to help SoCal hockey fans get to the Ducks/Kings game on Saturday, Jan. 25 with the Stadium Express. The game is slated to start at 6:30 p.m. Skip parking and traffic woes and hop on the bus at Union Station for a quick and easy trip to Dodger Stadium.

  • Board the Stadium Express at Bus Bay 3 of the Patsaouras Transit Plaza at Union Station.
  • Service leaves Union Station every 10-15 minutes, starting 90 minutes before game time through the middle of the second period.
  • Your game ticket is good on game day as Stadium Express fare only; otherwise, regular Metro fares apply.
  • You’ll be dropped off inside Dodger Stadium behind Center Field. Service will run the same route in reverse after the game.
  • Return service runs until 45 minutes after the end of the game.

Connect at Union Station via Metro Bus, Rail, Amtrak or Metrolink. Parking is also available at Union Station for $6/day. Keep reading after the jump for details on Metrolink and Amtrak service.

Bailey tells it like it is. Photo by Burns!, via Flickr creative commons.

Bailey tells it like it is. Photo by Burns!, via Flickr creative commons.

Fans coming from Orange County can take the following trains to connect with Metro’s Stadium Express at Union Station:

Inbound to Union Station

  • Metrolink Train 663 arriving at 3:35pm
  • Amtrak Train 579 arriving at 4:25pm
  • Amtrak Train 583 arriving at 5:40pm

Outbound to Orange County

  • Amtrak Train 796 departing at 10:10pm

Finally, a reminder for Metro-riding Kings fans: you can save 10 percent on official Kings merchandise with your TAP card! Use the promo code METRO10 if buying online, or hop on the Blue/Expo Line to get to the Team LA Store at L.A. LIVE.

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  1. I solved my problem. I will take Metrolink 665 getting me to LAUPT at 1:35 PM
    then take to Gold Line one stop to Chinatown before walking from there up the hill
    to Dodger Stadium arriving there in plenty of time to be in my seat and ready to see Kiss and the Game

    • Hi Lets Go Kings,

      Shuttles are set to run 90 minutes before the game, similar to how they run on a Dodgers game day. Metro cannot change the times to accommodate any pre-game activities without support from the NHL.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. I agree, I also would like to be at the stadium earlier than 5:15 to get some drinks, eat, interact with fans, take my seat and watch the pre-game KISS performance. Hard to accomplish all that with such a late arrival. I would like to use the Metrorail but I may have to drive myself.

  3. I agree with Gann. Too short of a time frame. 4:00 or 4:30PM is a much better start time for the buses.

    It’s absolutely great that Metro is offering this service, and we definitely appreciate it! But I feel the times are a little short-sighted .

    • Hey,

      In reply to the original comment (and yours as well), Metro has to work within certain parameters when it comes to the Stadium Express due to fact that this event has been organized by the NHL, and not the Dodgers.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  4. It’s very disappointing to see that Metro is cutting the start and end times so close for this possibly once-in-a-lifetime event. Knowing LA hockey fans as I do, I know that many like to arrive early, especially for a unique event like this, hang out, soak up the atmosphere, have a drink, eat, etc. Starting the buses to Dodger Stadium at 5:00 PM will prevent many fans from doing that.

    The same goes for the buses to Union Station after the game. 45 minutes? Sorry, but that’s too short a timeframe.

    If Metro really wants to get people out of their cars, start the buses at 4:00 PM and have the last bus leave Dodger Stadium 90 minutes after the game. If you don’t provide more of a cushion, you won’t get the number of riders to make a real impact on traffic.

    Keep in mind…just because this game is at Dodger Stadium doesn’t mean that you can treat it exactly like you would a basebal game.

  5. I recall seeing an article in The Source last April noting the Stadium Express passenger counts for the first few games of the season. Are there any stats for the rest of the season? I (and others, I assume) would like to see some updated ridership figures. 🙂