Say cheese


DTLA Cheese Shop opened earlier this week at Grand Central Market and, lucky for the cheese lovers among us, it’s pretty close to the Metro Red and Purple Line north Pershing Square Station. DTLA Cheese is the most recent of the new spots at the Market that are tilting the downtown L.A. icon in the international direction.

Some will bemoan the evolution of a place that for decades has been a slice of Latin America. Some may argue that the addition of espresso shots and French pastry is detrimental to the character. But if you glance around the aisles you’ll see a blend of establishments serving … a blend of people, as well as a blend of foods. Isn’t that among the things that makes L.A. compelling?cheese 1 photo

DTLA has premium cheeses. They also have salads (beet, brussels sprouts) and baguette sandwiches (prosciutto, raclette and tapenade and mozzarella with roasted tomatoes and balsamic).

At Grand Central you still can grab a great taco from Ana Maria, pupusas from Sarita’s Pupuseria and chow mein from China Café. But you also can order a cappuccino, macchiato and a spritzey cold tea with hops at G & B Coffee. Or you can stop by Egg**** for an egg salad sandwich, and to find out the full name.

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  1. I hope the future of the Grand Central Market isn’t Pike Place Market #2, with everything all expensive and touristy.

  2. Clue: the missing four letters, though not exactly polite language, do not form one of the classic “seven words you can never say on television.”