4.4 miles of new carpool lanes officially opened on 10 freeway between 605 and Puente Ave.

Caltrans and Metro on Thursday morning officially dedicated 2.2 miles of HOV lanes in both directions on the 10 freeway between the 605 freeway and Puente Avenue in Baldwin Park.

The lanes cost $180 million.

“As the transportation funding authority for Los Angeles County, Metro programmed $192 million for completion of this first of three segments of the I-10 carpool lanes,” said Diane DuBois, the chair of Metro’s Board of Directors. “We are pleased Caltrans delivered this project under the programmed budget. Metro also has programmed the funds for the remaining two HOV lane segments for a total of $560 million.”

The project is the first of three segments that will provide one continuous carpool lane on the 10 freeway between downtown Los Angeles and the boundary with San Bernardino County.

Here is the most recent version of Caltrans’ map showing HOV lanes in Los Angeles County:

LA County HOV System Status 09_2012


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  1. Like in the 1950″s, the AUTO wins over rail!!! Only later to regret, vote additional funding, that we waited so long for Rail. Is it that we never learn or perhaps we are guided by those (gifted thinkers), Those that envision a pot of “GOLD”, the situation to our problems, at the end of the CARPOOL lane?

    As long as there are those to follow, then there will those “Few” to lead. Sometimes there are those that say “WHY?”.

  2. The lanes do not merge back, they continue through. There are lots of orange “All HOVs must have Fastrak” in the westbound direction which are a nice reminder.

    Of course, the worst part about the end of construction here is the start of new construction in 2014 on the Puente to Citrus segment.

  3. I don’t ride this stretch of the freeway normally but I did today (Dec. 22) and in looking at how the westbound lanes have to merge back into traffic at the 605 interchange to avoid some k-rails, this looks like a major accident waiting to happen. Remind me not to get anywhere hear it during rush hour.

  4. yeah, spending all the taxpayers money now with plans to later gift the lanes to some private company crony so that company can then charge us outrageous fees to use the roads we already paid for. How come we’re not making fasttrack lanes for rail lines too? Surely there should be a private railway for people willing to pay congestion pricing for their own private train car? Makes perfect sense, sometimes you need a lot of space.

  5. So, that is something like $500 per square foot of improvements; or $7500 per linear foot each along the 4.4 mile stretch. Wow!

  6. Steve,
    If memory serves me correctly, these new lanes are at the end of the current FasTrack segment. Is this new stretch then part of FasTrack?


    • Hi Robert,

      No, these new lanes are not part of the ExpressLanes so you will not need a Fastrak transponder to use them. However, you will need the Fastrak if you want to connect to the carpool ExpressLanes west of the 605 interchange.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  7. So, at 65 mph, one will be able to enjoy this asphalt orgasm for just under 4 minutes before being kicked out of the Tyler Duvall Express Lanes due to the transponder requirement?

  8. I’m speculating that the long range plan for all these HOV lanes across all of our freeways means that they will eventually get converted to FasTrak ExpressLanes?