Photos and more: track installation underway on second phase of the Expo Line

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Good morning, Metro customers and Other Interested Parties! I was out of town for a few day and am in catch-up mode. The following news release and above photos are courtesy of the Expo Line Construction Authority, the agency using Measure R funds to build the project’s second phase between Culver City and Santa Monica.


With bridges and stations making great progress, the Expo Phase 2 project has moved into a new, exciting phase with the start of track installation. More than 30 miles of rail are being installed along the alignment between Culver City and Santa Monica by SRJV’s subcontractor Herzog-Delta, a team with over 100 years combined experience in the railroading industry.

The first Expo Line track crossings were installed at Westwood Boulevard and Overland Avenue in West Los Angeles last month. Santa Monica saw the first track installed earlier this week at 11th Street, where an extended street closure will continue through Sunday, December 15 at 11:00 p.m. Approximately a half mile of rail has been installed so far, and additional track crossings will be scheduled starting January 2014.

Rick Thorpe, CEO of the Exposition Construction Authority noted, “Track installation is a tangible sign of major progress on the project. We’re excited to move into this new phase and remain focused on completing construction in 2015.”

For additional information regarding construction activities, please contact the Expo hotline at (213) 922-EXPO (3976) or visit

Service on Phase 1 of the Expo Line began in Spring 2012. Construction on Phase 2 is expected to be complete in 2015. The Expo Line will bring greater mobility to the region by connecting West Los Angeles to the region’s existing rail network. These communities are traditionally underserved by public transportation and among the most traffic-congested in the nation.

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  1. Things are progressing well. As long as there isn’t any 11th hour haggling. We should see some tests later next year. In case you’ve forgotten there was haggling over:
    – landscaping between Jefferson and Culver City station
    – Attempts by congresspeople to require off grade runs at Farmdale and Western, well after tracks have been laid, but no offers of $100m to make it happen

    Of course, let’s not forget attempts by Cheviot Villians who 1) sued claiming the EIR was invalid, and 2) tried to get an injunction to stop work until (1) was settled. By that time, parts of Santa Monica and Palms were already chewed up.

    • Hi O’Dawg;

      Things are going well but I think it’s too early to say when testing will begin. The project is just over halfway done and there’s still considerable work to do.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. I still can’t quite believe that it is actually happening. Good shots. Progress!

  3. The 30 mile figure s surprised me at first, too – but it makes sense. The distance was exactly 6 miles last time I drove it. Multiply that by two, because there are two rails to a track, and by two again because there are two tracks, and then there’s an additional distance curving under the freeway and through Cheviot Hills, the slight added length from the bridge inclines, the maintenance yard… and I assume they did account for the curvature of the earth.

  4. At the rate the phase is being constructed the transcontinental railroad would still be under construction

  5. There actually are 30 track-miles. One track for east-to-west trains, and one track for west-to-east trains.

  6. YES! Cant wait to ride to Westwood Blvd and walk to my favourite restaurants,then walk off the meal going back to the station.:-)

    • They’re counting individual rails, not track miles, and likely including maintenance yard.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  7. The delays in getting Phase 1 of the Expo Line into service were lengthy and inexcusable. The squabbling between Metro, the ECA, and the CPUC was unforgiveable. Please assure us that these billion dollar tracks won’t sit unused for nearly a year like last time.