Celebrate National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day this Friday

Photo: The Ugly Sweater Run Official Facebook

Photo: The Ugly Sweater Run Official Facebook

So this Friday is National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day, which means break out the cheesiest, silliest holiday sweater you have and wear it proudly on Friday! And feel free to share your photos with us if you’re wearing a truly horrendous sweater on Metro. Just tag us @metrolosangeles on Instagram or Twitter.

And those ugly sweaters aren’t just for Friday – you can also wear them to the Ugly Sweater Run 5k this Saturday, December 21.

The Ugly Sweater Run starts at 11 a.m. at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, located next to the Gold Line Chinatown Station. Save 25% on registration with Metro! Just enter the exclusive promo code METRO25. The offer is valid until midnight on Friday, December 20.

2 replies

  1. It’s great that Metro is creating new fun ideas and activities like these, but wouldn’t it be better if Metro themselves make money off these ideas and activities so that they actually get extra revenue?

    I mean take for example, this fun “ugly sweatshirt” idea. It’s cool and everything, but seriously, if Metro wanted to, they can actually sell ugly sweatshirts themselves for a profit and save those profits to put it back into their revenue stream.

    Dude, the LA County Coroner’s office has it’s own Skeleton’s In The Closet gift shop (with their own ugly sweatshirt).

    You mean to tell me a government agency that deals with storing dead bodies has a sense of humor and can figure out how to make extra money over a public transit agency?

  2. About the closest thing I have to an ugly sweater is an obsolete uniform sweater that’s a souvenir of my nearly a decade of part-time service to a chain of ice rinks that hasn’t even existed for about a decade: a simple red pullover sweater with a 1980s-era Ice Capades Chalet logo.