Work continues to restore Blue Line service between downtown Long Beach and Willow station

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Here are a trio of photos taken this morning of the work underway to repair the overhead wires on the Blue Line in Long Beach. The pantograph on a rail car damaged the wires about 5:20 a.m.

Blue Line service has been suspended between downtown Long Beach and Willow station while repairs are being made. Metro is operating shuttle bus service between downtown Long Beach and Willow station and Long Beach Transit Bus 51 is also available.

The repairs are expected to be complete in mid-afternoon.

There is regular Blue Line service between Willow Station and 7th/Metro Center station in downtown Los Angeles.

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6 replies

  1. Metro needs to stop doing deferred maintenance. It really shows on all the lines. Everyday there is a disable train, power problems & etc.
    Fix what you have! We don’t want to pay more just so you can expand and leave the other lines hanging along with the passengers.

  2. Metro’s job is not to provide alternate service, their job is to keep the rail lines working without delays.

  3. The MTA does a great job providing alternate service when there is a problem on the rail lines. It’s not instant but it’s labor intensive to obtain and move buses to the incident location.

  4. Metro doesn’t need to go to Japan to learn out to operate better. Metro needs to learn how to properly maintain their system. Maybe Metro should focus on maintaining the current system and not trying to expand it. If you can’t take care of what you have now, how will you take care of it when you have more?

  5. The trains in Japan runs on time all the time. Can’t Metro just go to Japan and learn from them on how they manage to keep their train systems in order?