Blue Line service between downtown Long Beach and Willow station suspended due to equipment failure

UPDATE: 1:41 p.m Repairs to the damaged equipment have been completed. Test trains are currently being run. Update to follow.

UPDATE: 6:41 a.m. Blue Line service has been suspended between Willow Station and downtown Long Beach. Metro is operating shuttle bus service between Willow Stations and downtown Long Beach to assist riders through the affected area. Long Beach Transit Bus 51 is also available.

There is regular service between Willow Station and 7th/Metro Center station in downtown Los Angeles.

At approximately 5:20 a.m. a southbound Blue Line train experienced equipment damage at 9th and Long Beach Boulevard in Long Beach. The overhead wires were severely damaged and will take several hours to repair.

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  1. The Blue Line was designed and created by LACTC , a non operating agency that was at odds with the RTD before the merger. They ended having to use RTD employees to run the trains but demanded they wear a different uniform. The Blue Line trains are wearing out and do need replacement. Since they were built to run on a non standard gauge track , different from the other lines, trains from other lines may not be well as new equipment unless they are built to the different spec’s.

  2. It seems like almost every single day that there’s something wrong with our Metro Rail system that causes delays. And Metro thinks it can do fare reform where fares are based on time?

  3. Please inform Long Beach bus drivers that they need to honor the Metro Tap pass to Willow station. I watched a Long Beach driver slam her door in the face of several disabled Metro riders, hollering “I don’t work for Metro!”. What a mess! An unavoidable equipment problem can occur, but Metro administration needs to get the word out so the temporary system works for its passengers. As usual, LA’s most vulnerable are the ones to suffer-most Blue Line passengers are riding because they don’t have much choice.

    • Hi Carol;

      We are getting in touch with LB Transit. Thanks for heads up,

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  4. The blue line is the oldest line is a line that is used by many riders of all areas. It is ridiculous the blue line has not been upgraded, only beacuse of certain areas it travels through. Everyday single day there are major problems with this line. All other lines are upgraded in some form, but not the blue line. I sit and listen to so many complaints about that line and I see so much that is not stood for on the other lines. Metro board should be ashamed.