Service Alert: Gold Line suspended between Union-Soto Stations due to loss of power

At approximately 4:15 p.m. Metro Gold Line lost power between Little Tokyo/Arts District and Mariachi Plaza, resulting in ongoing suspended service between Union Station and Soto Station.

Metro is providing supplemental shuttle bus service from Union Station to Soto Station. Bus shuttles depart Union Station from Patsaouras Transit Plaza. Metro customers utilizing this service should anticipate delays of up to 20 minutes to their usual commute. Customers can also utilize Dash D for service between Union Station and Little Tokyo/Arts District (Temple/Alameda) and Line 30 for service between Little Tokyo/Arts District and Soto Station.

The incident is currently under investigation. Metro will provide updates on this incident as they become available. Thank you for your patience as we work to restore regular service as fast as possible.

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3 replies

  1. The repeated occurrence of these delays are impacting everyone. If these things happen only once a month then it’s understandable. But we’re seeing these delays almost everyday now that it’s getting ridiculous. Just like how a massive airline delay or cancellation on the East Coast affects flights all over the US, a single delay in one part of the Metro system affects the entire system. How are people expected to trust the reliability of mass transit when it keeps going down like this?

    Metro needs to get their act together. Japan can figure out how to run their trains on time all the time, keep their trains and stations clean and even make a profit from the entire system to pay for those expenses, I expect Metro to do the same.

  2. Absolutely ridiculous. Every week (sometimes every day or other day) brings a new delay. The total rail system is under 100 miles and there is this many MAJOR disruptions. Imagine in 2016 when all the extensions open. Chaos. Metro, please fix the existing lines first, before expanding an already fairly shoddy service.

  3. This is getting too out of hand. Not a day goes by where something goes wrong in our system. All of these delays and downtime only add up to waste, not just in lost time for riders, but also in taxpayer dollars. Bringing in additional shuttles, drivers, the gas, the coordination, all of it isn’t free you know.

    Metro needs to figure out a real solution to reduce these delays from happening over and over again. We have a growing rail system where increasing number of people are using rail to get where they are going. But if travel by rail continues to be this unreliable, people will only end saying screw this and go back to driving.