The Metro Store returns in time for the holidays!

You asked for it and now you’ve got it: after a long hiatus, the Metro Store is back beginning today as an online store.

Some of the dozen products available are in the above slideshow. More products will be added soon — check back often and sign up for email alerts.

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  1. Happy to hear the Metro store is back. Any word on when a physical store might reopen at the Gateway building?

    • Charles,

      I think that will depend on the success of the online store. But no word at this time.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. just went to the store and was just about to pay for my purchase when I am being hit with a $12 FedEx ground shipping fee? that’s kinda lame. why isn’t USPS an option? probably much cheaper. better yet, open up a store so people don’t have to pay that ridic shipping fee.

  3. Aww great! Now I know where my xmas gift is coming from. The boyfriend LOVES LOVES LOVES Metro.

  4. santa does exist! lol. i like all things metro. the graphics, designs and fonts on the buses/trains. very sleek and modern. i want a coffee mug, magnet, posters of the various local artists works.

  5. Metro should consider opening up physical Metro Stores at some of their stations. Think of the additional revenue you guys can make if you actually start using your train stations for profit gains instead of just letting them go to waste as an cold, empty, concrete place where all people do is just wait for the train. So many people use the system day in and day out, those people could be buying stuff and the city and county could be collecting sales taxes from goods sold!

  6. Some suggestions for merchandise: metro pens/pencils, the rolling miniture toy buses you use to sell, hoodies, beanies, watches, and coffee mugs :D. Glad Metro got their store back up and running. Thanks

    • Hey Jeff,

      Links to the store added! Or go to

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source