Go Metro to Turkey Trot L.A. in DTLA on Thanksgiving!




Just a quick reminder: If you need a lift to the Turkey Trot 5K or 10K in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, Metro Rail will be running (on a Sunday schedule). Registration is still open for the race; here is more information. Show your TAP card and get a 10 percent discount on registration!

The race begins on Spring Street in front of City Hall and Grand Park. The Red/Purple Line Civic Center station is two blocks east and an easy walk through the park (literally). The Gold Line’s Little Tokyo station is a 10-minute walk away — just walk on 1st Street toward City Hall. Here are bus and rail maps and timetables and fare information.

And the above photos? These are some of our extras from our exciting photo shoot with Ryan, who works with the race organizers. And the answer is no, Anna and I didn’t run the “any turkey can ride” slogan up the corporate ladder but a big part of life is figuring out what you can get away with 🙂

Good luck, runners!