Transportation headlines, Thursday, Nov. 21

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ART OF TRANSIT: Rainy day, from our Instagram feed.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti to launch new parking enforcement website (Daily News)

The website will tell residents where parking tickets WILL NOT be handed out that day due to changes in street sweeping, etc.

Unpatriotic Americans are not driving enough (Gawker)

No, we’re not relying on Gawker for our transpo news. This post sums up at Wall Street Journal article behind a paywall. The gist of it: with the amount of driving down across many parts of the country, private firms that invested in toll roads are having a hard time getting a return on their investment.

Washington Metro working on upgrading its train arrival signs (Washington Post)

Keeping up with technology has been a challenge for the Metro system in the D.C. area — in particular offering true real-time info in an easy-to-read way.

Commuting so bad in Canada it’s reshaping cities (Huffington Post)

There is some evidence that traffic congestion in Canada’s metro areas is worsening. Meanwhile, development in big cities is booming, luring some people back from the ‘burbs.

Why can’t Amtrak get its food right? (Atlantic Cities)

The national rail carrier has lost $600 million on food service since 2006 — most of it on long-distance routes.