Final Update: Gold Line resuming regular train service to Sierra Madre Villa Station

Trains are resuming service on the Gold Line between Allen Station and Sierra Madre Villa Station.

Service was disrupted this morning due to an overturned big rig on the 210 freeway.

Work crews from Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol are still in the area on the 210 overseeing repairs to the safety rails along the freeway. Drivers in the area are advised to “Slow for the Cone.”

Delayed by Gold Line this morning and need delay verification for employer/school? Call Customer Relations 213.922.6235 / Fax 213.922.6988.

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  1. Another example of LA Metro expansions built on the cheap (compare this median running to the Green Line which was built by LACTC/Metro) by an independent construction authority. Oh, but I am sure it was “…on time and under budget!”

  2. To prevent any vehicles from falling onto Metro properties, Metro needs to build taller, thicker and stronger walls at all stations near heavy high speed vehicle areas.
    Metro is lucky today because there’s nothing on tracks when the truck turned over. If two trains passed the area when same accident occurs, hundreds of people could be injured even killed.