LADOT holding a TAP card design competition

Your design could be the next one featured! Photo: LADOT TAP Card Official Facebook

Your design could be the next one featured! Photo: LADOT TAP Card Official Facebook

The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), in collaboration with Gallery Row Organization (GRO), presents the LADOT TAP Card Design Competition. Two winning designs will be selected to join the limited edition array of LADOT branded TAP cards.

The competition is free to enter and participation is open to artists and designers, 18 years of age or older, currently living or working in Los Angeles. Deadline for submissions is December 18, 2013. For full details on how to enter, contest rules and the design theme, visit LADOT‘s TAP design competition page.

And in case you’re not sure what a TAP card is…it’s a rechargeable plastic card that can be loaded with passes or cash fare that’s accepted on all Metro Bus and Rail (and many other transit agencies around L.A.).

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  1. ok, I know it says currently living or working in Los Angeles, and at the moment I don’t on either. but I do live really close to LA, far east end of ventura county) and i jump on the metro semi-often. is that cool still or is there anyone I can ask about that?

  2. I like the idea of self customizing TAP cards.

    Credit card companies allow the cardholder to design their own cards, like a family photo, pets, whatever.

  3. there shuld be some TAP cards that show some of the different art in the metro system, rolling stock, pictures of the rail lines, etc on the cards

  4. Why not something even better: design your own TAP card, print it out using those label templates at home, stick it to your own TAP card?

    Shouldn’t be that hard to have a web-based TAP template, stick in a print label fit to ISO/IEC 7810 standard (for non-geeks, that means typical size of a plastic card) and print your own design with your printer.