Reminder: Metro Rail will not run extra service when the clock turns back on Sunday

Photo:  WATERBOYsh via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo: WATERBOYsh via Flickr Creative Commons

Just a friendly reminder: Effective Sunday, November 3, 2013, at 2:00 a.m., California will return to Pacific Standard Time.

Those attending HARD Day of the Dead, Metro Rail will continue running approximately 1 hour after the event regardless of the official time on the clock. And a $5 Metro Day Pass is valid until 3 a.m. the following morning. Otherwise one way fare is $1.50 per line.

However, there will not be any bonus time change service on Metro Rail, so once you’ve turned back the clock, your best bet is to catch the last train before it turns 1:30 a.m. again.

Metro Bus, on the other hand, will operate a “bonus” hour of service during the time change if the regular service schedule shows service after 1:59 a.m.

Check schedules in advance and try not to forget to turn back your clocks. And follow Metro on Twitter @metrolosangeles or @metroLAalerts to stay updated on service information and transit news.

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  1. Are you saying you have a special schedule for this day that has service ending an hour earlier then normal or what?

    It’s very clear to me that a special schedule should exist- one with fewer cars as some people that would ride the duplicate trip have already ridden but under no circumstances should demand present not be served.

    I believe in lots of special schedules. Any time demand varies consistently a special schedule should be noticed. A list of dates that the printed schedule is not accurate for should be included with highlights and a referal to a website or a text message code to send to get a text back with the deviation.

    Your blog post is so spun as to be apparently incoherent- either the schedule is right and followed or it is not, the bonus is when you don’t shorten the days not when you in part lengthen them as you I assume should regardless of the cost.

    Make riding during this hour a special occasion to celebrate what an uncongested transit system would be like. Make it a moving 2am conference. Designate each train and each car to have a different talking point and make it free to ride the entire hour as a sponsor might step up to absorb the cost or you would be surprised how the union might support volunteers will to work it.

    Again forgive me if I’m not understanding this, but are some workers being denied there guaranteed ride on this date or is that system covering for you- you don’t say?