Downtown Los Angeles Streetcar project to host public meeting Monday, Nov. 4, at LAPD headquarters


Obviously the project has been in the news lately because of concerns over its budget. There is also — as far as I can tell — a lot of enthusiasm and interest in the project from the public.

So this is a good chance to hear about the ongoing planning and funding process. To learn more about the streetcar — a city of Los Angeles project — please visit the streetcar’s home page.

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  1. To enrich the restoration of Broadway the MTA should investigate the possibility of obtaining two or three at least vintage streetcars like those used on Broadway in the past. In a recent Popular Photography a picture of at least two former NYC Transit PCC cars rusting away was shown. These are the same type of cars that are used on the “F” line in San Francisco which has proved to be very successful.

    What is currently being proposed is tad amount to Walt Disney running the Monorail up Main St. in Disneyland.