I-405 contractor pours concrete deck for Skirball Bridge

Photo credit: Ned Racine

Photo shows planned sidewalk next to barrier that will separate pedestrians from vehicle traffic on the Skirball Center Drive bridge.  The new bridge will have two sidewalks, one on each side for improved pedestrian and animal crossings. The old bridge only had one sidewalk.  Construction workers posted an American flag on the bridge as a sign of pride. The north half of the bridge was completed earlier.  Photo credit: Ned Racine, Metro

The I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Contractor reports that it conducted a successful operation last Saturday night/Sunday morning pouring the concrete deck for the south half of the new Skirball Center Drive Bridge in the Sepulveda Pass.

The operation required both the northbound and southbound I-405 to be closed at different times in the early a.m. hours Sunday morning.  The freeway reopened to traffic on schedule.

This photo, taken looking northwest toward Skirball Center, captures the newly poured south half of the bridge curing under plastic blankets. The plastic controls the rate at which the concrete cools, eliminating the chance of surface cracks. The deck will cure for approximately 10 days. After about 28 days the concrete will reach its design strength, although concrete continues to slowly cure for months.

Next, the contractor will build approach slabs, barrier, and expansion joints.

The Skirball Bridge is scheduled to be finished by the end of this year.