Friday Five: Insta-round up for Oct 25

Welcome to Friday Five, a weekly roundup of five transit pics we’re loving on Instagram. Want to be featured? Tag @MetroLosAngeles on Instagram to get our attention and follow us for more fun transit photos. And without further adieu…

Fun pic from the Pomona Pumpkin Patch Pedal, props to this gentlemen who hauled both pumpkin and kids!

Awesome colors and J.J. Abrams-style flare.

Because I love rainy days in Tokyo, the bicycle-specific crosswalk and clear umbrellas.

Great atmospheric pic of the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (or if you’re like me and can’t pronounce German, The Hof).

Nice pic showcasing the station art at Gold Line Soto Station.

3 replies

  1. Actually, it’s Hauptbahnhof (an ‘h’ was missing in the second syllable). The word simply means “main train station.”

    • Hey Bob,

      I DID forget to include that extra h! Good catch…German is definitely not my first (or second, or even fifth…) language.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. Hamburg Hauptbanhof
    Try: Hahhhm-boorg H-opt-bon-hofff

    It’s a lovely station.