Service Alert: Limited nighttime service on Blue Line from Willowbrook to Long Beach October 20-23

Willowbrook-LBTM (30 Mins)

Due to track maintenance that must be completed on the Metro Blue Line, there will be limited nighttime train service between Willowbrook Station and Downtown Long Beach Station beginning Sunday, October 20 through Wednesday, October 23.

Starting at 9 p.m. until close of service, Blue Line trains between Willowbrook Station and Downtown Long Beach Station will only run every 30 minutes. Customers may need to switch trains at Willowbrook Station to continue southbound to Long Beach. Regular evening service will run between 7th St/Metro Center and Willowbrook.

Announcements will be made at Blue Line stations. You can also follow alerts on Twitter or check Metro’s Service Advisories page. Please note that NexTrip may not accurately predict service at this time. Plan ahead and expect extended wait times if you need to travel that segment Sunday through Wednesday after 9 p.m.

And what kind of train maintenance is being performed, you ask? Check out the video below to see what track tampering looks like. Track tampering levels the tracks – giving train passengers a smoother ride – and makes the tracks more durable so they can go longer without repairs.


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  1. Hi Lorenzo,

    I’ve heard it referred to as both tampering and tamping…it’s the same work, but seems like the name is just a matter of preference.

    Anna Chen
    Writer, The Source

  2. Does this mean the passenger is going to need to retap his or her tap card at Willowbrook Station to complete his or her trip all the way down to Long Beach starting 9 p.m. if he or she is going to board the southbound train of Blue Line from anyone of these stations (7th Street Metro Center or Pico or Grand or San Pedro or Washington or Vernon or Slauson or Florence or Firestone or 103rd Street Watts Towers)? (Revised)

    • Hi Coco,

      No, there’s no need to tap again as you won’t need to exit the platform to change trains.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  3. Does Metro have any statistics on how many times the Metro Rail system has had service disruptions over the year (or years)? These include all types of service disruptions, from routine maintenance work, crazies running through the subway tunnels, to god forbid – suicides and accidents.

    This would be a crucial factor to look at if we’re to do fare reform involving time based transfers.

    Remember, we’re in a faregated system now, and even in non-gated stations riders still has to TAP at the validators before entering the station platform (not that I suspect that most people don’t do so).

    Hence, the clock starts ticking upon TAP-in at the gate, not when you actually board the train. Time used to wait for the train to arrive will be counted against you under a time based transfer system. Any service disruption will mean more time wasted for passengers using Metro Rail where the time used post TAP is being used up not in motion.