Service alert: disruptions to Red Line service

UPDATE, 4:08 P.M.: The trespasser has been apprehended.

UPDATE, 4:24 P.M.: Normal Red Line service resumes with some residual delays. Thanks for your patience!

Except service delays in Red Line service this afternoon as Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies search for an apparent trespasser in the train tunnel between Universal City and Hollywood/Highland stations.

The latest info:

Red Line up to 20 min delays due to trespasser on tracks near Universal/Studio Cty. Trains share 1 track in H’wood. Follow announcements.^LA

For up to date service alerts, please follow Metro’s regular Twitter feed or Metro’s Twitter feed with only service alerts.


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  1. You know, everyone here complains about Metro. Believe or not people, many people in other cities that ride public transportation have worse experiences. People here complain about any fare increase; in some cities in the nation it costs a lot more to ride public transportation to work. Some systems charge a premium fare during week day rush hours. How would you like to live in the Bay Area and constantly have BART on strike?

  2. the delay was more like 2hrs in total i had to exit at universal st. and take a cab to hollywood and highland,
    there was no help at all, there must of ben more than 100 passengers waiting on the same bus!!!
    No one was ushering the passengers letting them know the situation until they were already downstairs and heard on the loud speaker.. MTA needs to be be more helpful in these situations.. My Cab Fair was more than my weekly pass can anyone be in a good mood after that????????? I Think Not!!!!

    • Cheeno,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ll go ahead and forward this to customer relations, and if you have a minute feel free to drop them a line as well – It really helps to hear about it so Metro can do better in getting the info out and assist customers in the future.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  3. This was a 20 minute delay. If service on any rail line is interrupted for a long period of time “Bus Bridges” are set up between the two points of interruption but that takes time to set up and implement.

  4. If people wouldn’t be walking on the tracks, than we wouldn’t have to be worrying about the comment below!!

  5. if we have latched entries at the station, then why are we seeing more and more crazy people in the subways recently? And many are the homeless people who ask for money yet I’m sure they didn’t pay their ride ticket?

  6. This is why there needs to be more bus service in the Cahuenga Pass instead of just having lines 156 & 222 ( as well as the 218 on Laurel Canyon). Line 150 should be extended to Hollywood that way there are buses running during Red Line crises. SFV service council were planning on cancelling the 156 and I advocated against it for this very reason. Either that or have 150, 224, 240 & 750 run to Hollywood on Red Line interruptions.

  7. And these uncontrollable factors like these are the reasons why folks, that a time based transfer system will have a hard time being applied here in LA.

    If we were in a time based system right now, I would feel bad for those who already TAPed in at any of the gated Red Line stations who now are wasting their time at the platforms not moving nor any sight of the train coming, all the while the clock keeps ticking down to their allotted free transfer expiry time.