720 detouring along Santa Monica Blvd between Barrington and Bundy due to LAFD Activity

Due to an earlier fire near Barrington and Wilshire, Line 720 will detour along Santa Monica Blvd between Barrington Ave and Bundy Dr. The detour is expected to last until approximately 6 p.m. or until the affected segment of Wilshire Blvd is reopened. Here are the details of the detour route:

720 Westbound: L-Barrington, R-Santa Monica, R-Bundy, L-Wilshire then normal route.

720 Eastbound: R-Bundy, L-Santa Monica, L-Barrington, R-Wilshire and normal route.

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4 replies

  1. Erik,

    I don’t think it’s going to be easy as that. For one, a delay on the 720 line has no effect on someone riding the Orange Line. Hitting Enter on TAP server to extend expiration affects everyone using the Metro system at that given time.

    Unless there’s a way to filter out “give only those who are on the 720 line right now at this given moment and extended expiration time for transfers” is not possible to do, nor does TAP have ultra long range extended wireless capability that automatically receives radio signals from Metro HQ to automatically update and rewrite the information on the card.

    Furthermore, what will be the bureaucratic criteria to approve/deny that someone from hitting the Enter button? Be rational. We all know how much of a bureaucratic mess Metro is when they can’t even do a simple one-time software upgrade to do automatic fare caps today.

  2. When we had transfer the expiration time could be extended by the bus operator.

  3. Tom A.
    Someone atetro would merely hit a button at the central Cubic® computer and time would be added to the expiry time. As simple as that.

  4. Oh look, here’s another good example that time based fares won’t work.

    Sure, you can have $2.00 for 2.5 hours…except here in LA we also have:

    Constant fire fighter activity, police activities, President Obama visiting LA, the Democratic National Convention, movie filming, the LA Auto Show, Anime Expo, any other large attendee conventions at the LA Convention Center, the Academy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, musical concerts, the 2024 Los Angeles Olympics (crosses fingers), CicLAvia events, Michael Jackson and other celebrity funerals, paparazzis, police car chases, the Christopher Donner manhunt, Occupy LA protests, Rose Parade, LA Marathon, Dodgers winning the World Series (crosses fingers), LA Kings winning the Stanley Cup, LA Lakers winning the NBA championship parades, UCLA vs USC rivalry games, the Space Shuttle coming to town, and further more interesting things happening in LA almost every day for years to come.

    We here in LA have A LOT of factors to consider when service disruptions cause more transit time to be factored in due to detours and delays that are beyond the control of passengers. These things aren’t rare in LA, these things happens almost on a daily basis somewhere in LA.

    Do we really want to do time based fares? Can Metro handle all the headaches that they’ll have to deal with under a time based fare structure when so much is happening almost daily somewhere in LA that there will never be day without delays, detours, and traffic jams?

    Metro needs to think this through instead of applying something because “that’s what every other city in the US does.”