Get even greener with Metro's green tips

If you want to go green, go Metro. Riding public transportation is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint, but what about in other parts of your daily life?

Luckily, Metro can help you out there too. Check out this list of green tips – some you may have heard before, some might be brand new to you. These tips will help you lead a greener and healthier life, and you might also be able to save some money while you’re at it!

A few examples:

  • Check Your Tire Pressure: If the tires on your vehicle have less than the recommended air pressure, your gas mileage will suffer. You can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 3.3% by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure.
  • Eat Local: Check out farmers’ markets in your area. By buying local, you not only help support the local economy, but also reduce carbon emissions associated with food production as the amount of fossil fuels used to transport food is tremendous. Here’s a list of farmers’ markets that you can Metro to. Make sure to bring a reusable shopping bag!
  • Ride a Bike: Gas wasted during traffic congestion totals nearly 3 billion gallons per year in the U.S. For every 1 mile pedaled rather than driven, about 1 pound of CO2 is saved from entering the atmosphere. And you can combine bikes with transit as all Metro buses and trains allow bicycles.
  • Explore Transit Alternatives: Reduce your car’s carbon impact through diversification. If bus and rail just aren’t for you, there are more options, such as walking, bicycling and carpooling.

Curious about what Metro is doing to stay green and sustainable? Check out this previous post and Metro’s environmental compliance page.

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