Transportation headlines, Thursday, October 10

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ART OF TRANSIT: A Metrolink train heads toward the tunnel in Soledad Canyon. From Metrolink’s Instagram feed.
LAX discuss proposal for ground transportation facility (Daily Breeze)

Officials show the L.A. City Council a rendering of what a facility could look like although there are no firm plans yet for the facility east of the terminal area. Airport officials want the building to include commercial development and a connection between a people mover and light rail. Please see this new Source post for more about the many issues involved with a rail connection to the airport.

Los Angeles: Metro photography (Photophique)

Really nice work by L.A.-based photographer Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin, who has been shooting some very sharp images in the Red/Purple Line subway. And he’s not using a super ridiculous expensive camera and lens setup either.

Secrets of the happiest commuters (Wall Street Journal)

The gist of it is that commuters — whether by transit, car or other means — tend to be most satisfied when they’re commute time is spent being productive. Excerpt:

Ten ways the government shutdown is making you less safe (Washington Post)

It’s a media list designed to sell a little fear — and it works! Among the things not being inspected as much as perhaps they should are mines, new vehicles and seafood, to name just three.

By 2047, coldest year for many places won’t be so cold (New York Times)

Excerpt about new research on climate change:

To put it another way, for a given geographic area, “the coldest year in the future will be warmer than the hottest year in the past,” said Camilo Mora, the lead scientist on a paper published in the journal Nature.

FYI: taking mass transit, walking, biking, carpooling and vanpooling at least some of the time are all good ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

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