Transportation headlines, Wednesday, October 9

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ART OF TRANSIT: A stretch of the second phase of the Expo Line between the 10 freeway and Overland Avenue. From our Instagram feed.

And from maeryan’s Instagram feed:

Glendale-Hyperion Improvement Project (City of Los Angeles)

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First observation: Tom LaBonge’s excitement is a little more palpable than Mitch O’Farrell’s 🙂 Second observation: if you’re an elected official, always speak before Tom LaBonge.

The big news — to me — is that a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists will be built atop the abutments that once supported the old streetcar bridge that was adjacent to the current structure.

Not everyone is impressed with the plans and many are downright worried the project will make things worse. Damien Newton has two posts at LA Streetsblog, here and here. The chief concern is that there won’t be a bike lane on the actual bridge intended for vehicles and that even a new ped/bike bridge that only spans the Los Angeles River may not really help walkers and cyclists get between Atwater Village and many destinations on the western side of the river.

BART talks likely to go to the 11th hour or beyond (Mass Transit) 

Two unions and the rail system that connects San Francisco to the East Bay and the southern part of the San Francisco Peninsula have until 11:59 p.m. Thursday to reach a new contract deal. A 60-day cooling off period imposed by Gov. Jerry Brown in August doesn’t seem to have helped much and a strike that would impact thousands of riders may be looming.

Smart phones, social media blamed for Beijing traffic jams (South China Morning Post)

Photo credit: Xinhua.

Photo credit: Xinhua.

Driving .6 miles in only two hours sounds like fun!

Air travel map from 1929 (Slate)

The map was made by Transcontinental Air Transport and given to passengers to show them sites they could expect to see from air and ground alike as they traveled across the country. Awesome idea! Of course, nowadays air travel has become so commonplace that many passengers simply shut their window and completely ignore the miracle of flight. And get this: I used to completely geek out by bringing maps to try to figure out a plane’s location. I suspect doing that these days earns you a visit with the Homeland crew.

Many in GOP offer a theory: default wouldn’t be so bad (New York Times) 

Photo credit: Sierra Club.

Photo credit: Sierra Club.

The disagreement over the Affordable Health Care Act now extends to whether the government will be unable to pay its bills and, if so, whether that would be such a bad thing (the counter-argument is that it shows America is balancing its budget).

On a related note…although this poll appears extremely unscientific to me, I would like to hear a pollster read these questions without laughing. Bottom line: Congress is more popular than Ebola virus but less popular than hemorrhoids. Semi-related note: I’m pretty sure if this is the first appearance of the word “hemorrhoids” on this blog in its nearly four-year existence!

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  1. On the Chinese situation, it is obvious that a lot of people are not paying attention when green lights happen, using red lights as social media time. Unfortunately the green cycle time lost to being distracted adds up.

    As for the poll it is legitimate, and was an automated poll with a professional announcer reading the questions and “press 1 for X, 2 for Y” type response. Although I do question the sanity of anyone who suffered through the 31 questions. After question 10 I would have thought this was a big joke and would not have completed the poll.