Metro Freeway Crew to start landscaping and continues cleaning segments of I-110, I-710 to enhance safety for motorists


This morning, Metro joined Caltrans and CHP to announce the start of freeway landscaping and maintenance by the Metro Freeway Crew along segments of the I-110 and I-710. Due to budget constraints, Caltrans resources allotted for freeway clean up and beautification have become limited, and the Metro Freeway Crew pilot program was implemented to assist Caltrans in the upkeep of these two freeway corridors.

Here’s the full release from Metro:

The Metro Freeway Beautification Project (Metro Freeway Crew), a pilot program dedicated to mitigating graffiti, removing debris and enhancing the landscape on the I-110 and I-710 freeways, is set to begin landscaping and maintenance work in October. The Metro Freeway Crew is funded with $4.7 million through Metro’s general fund and is intended to augment Caltrans efforts in the upkeep of these two corridors.

The project area focuses on corridors of the I-110 between Hill Street and Exposition Boulevard and the I-710 between SR-60 and I-405. Since the project began in 2011, more than 2,000 graffiti tags and acts of vandalism have been removed, cleaning 42,290 square feet along the I-110 and I-710. The Metro Freeway Crew also has cleared nearly 50 tons of trash and debris from the freeway in addition to what Caltrans has cleared.

Additional highway cleanup, irrigation repair and landscaping preparation is now set to begin. The landscape designs focus on creating a sustainable and low-maintenance environment that also will act to deter and prevent graffiti vandalism. The end result of the Metro Freeway Crew efforts will enhance the safety and upkeep of the freeway system.

“The Los Angeles County freeway system is a vital transportation infrastructure, contributing to the mobility, economy and livability of our neighborhoods,” said Diane DuBois, Metro Board Chair and Lakewood City Councilmember. “It’s important that these freeways be kept clean and properly maintained so the thousands of motorists who use them every day can reach their destinations without delay.”

Both Metro and Caltrans remind drivers to be careful of crews working along the corridors and to slow when passing work crews on the freeway.

“We welcome Metro’s efforts to help enhance and clean the landscape on two of our freeways,” said Acting District 7 Director Carrie Bowen. “We also need the public’s help in properly disposing trash as well as watching out for crews. Move over and slow down when you see them.”

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  1. Good job, Metro – spending millions to make the freeway look more beautiful and pleasant for people stuck in traffic – too bad the money isn’t being used to enhance the transit rider’s experience.