Letter from Federal Transit Administration on possible federal government shutdown next week

Potential FTA Shutdown Dear Colleague 09 26 13

The above letter was sent from Peter Rogoff, Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration, to transit agencies across the United States. One obvious impact of a shutdown, as the letter states, is that the FTA won’t be able to process grants that are being negotiated with Metro — including the pending Full-Funding Grant Agreement for the Regional Connector and the Purple Line Extension.

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  1. Full funding grant? I thought that the purple line and regional connector were to be half funded by measure r. Does thus mean the lines may be built sooner? All the more reason this needs to be sorted out soon.

    • Hi Sebastian;

      For whatever bureaucratic reason, the feds call it a “Full Funding Grant Agreement” although in reality the feds will pay for some of the subway and Measure R will pay the remainder. I don’t have the exact breakdown with me at this time, but rest assured Measure R is ponying up many millions of dollars for the subway project!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source