Bus riders, be on the look out for Phil Dunphy…


Back in season 3, Modern Family took on Metro Rail. Now they’re trying to get the attention of bus riders…so be on the lookout for Phil Dunphy on a bus bench near you! These benches are scattered around L.A. County and we want to know which buses pass by them. If you see one, let us know which bus you saw it from on Twitter @metrolosangeles, or snap a photo and tag @metrolosangeles on Instagram.

For more picture-taking fun, head to the Santa Monica Pier tomorrow and take a photo with Claire and Phil Dunphy cutouts. The cutouts will be located west of the Playland Arcade and before the police station between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. To get to the Santa Monica Pier, hop on the Metro Rapid 733 or Metro Bus 20 to Colorado/Ocean. Metro Bus 4 also stops nearby at Broadway/Ocean.

Finally, try calling 1-866-5DUNPHY – totally hilarious.

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  1. I am sitting on one westbound on Wilshire at Fairfax. We also have the mysterious Bubblehead art on the adjacent bench. Anyone know what the story behind that is?