Transportation headlines, Thursday, September 19

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Portland bicyclist: ‘I got hit by the MAX and lived to tell about it’ (Oregon Live)

A cyclist wearing headphones managed to get hit by a light rail train in Portland and was very lucky to walk away with only a sore rear end. The bigger story is the use of headphones and their impact on public safety.

The development scene: the rundown on 94 downtown L.A. projects (Downtown News)

Excellent list of the many residential, commercial and public projects that have recently been finished, under construction or are planned. Things that caught my eye: another big brewpub for the Arts District is coming (in addition to Angel City) and there may still be hope for the Grand Avenue project that could hopefully help revive the Civic Center and provide more visitors for the excellent Grand Park. There are also many developments that will be near existing or future transit.

How L.A. street designs lead to road rage (Better Institutions)

Too few left-turn signals, right-hand turns on red and long waits for pedestrians make the list of things that turn laid-back Angelenos into nutjobs once behind the wheel.

Bridges galore (Flickr blog)

Nice collection of photos of bridges from around the world — including some of the more modern ones. The Bay Bridge makes the cut.


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  1. No, please don’t make LA like Orange County, with every single intersection cycling through left hand turn signals in both directions. If you think this is cool, please try traveling Beach Boulevard from the 405 to PCH. And check out how well LA pedestrians and the existing left hand turn signals get along together; go observe cars turning from Sunset left onto Alvarado sometime. I always give LA drivers high marks for not having to depend upon those kind of suburban “training wheels.” If there is a line of cars 5 or longer turning left, the smarter LA drivers find a different way to go.

  2. Long waits for pedestrians! Exactly. This is more a pedestrian city than the stereotypes credit it to be!

  3. YES. LEFT TURN SIGNALS. they make me so bad. I am 100% guilty of stopping my car far back from the limit line for the 118 Reseda on-ramp left turn in order to trick it into giving me a turn arrow.

  4. The article about street designs leasing to road rage mentions the push-button crosswalk signals being unnecessary. I don’t know the entire situation in LA, but in downtown Santa Monica the signals at many intersections automatically display a “walk” sign at every green light. As far as I see it, there’s nothing to lose by doing it. Buttons are only really necessary in locations where the traffic light wouldn’t change otherwise at regular intervals.

  5. Found this on the Metro website today. I wondered why I didn’t receive my usual email newsletter from them.

    The publication of the daily Los Angeles Transportation Headlines has been indefinitely suspended due to insufficient resources. Thank you for your loyal readership since 2005.”

    Hard to believe, isn’t it?

    • Hey Eric;

      I subbed out an earlier pic of a bag of potato chips left on the Gold Line for a better photo — but forgot to get rid of the old caption.

      The potato chip bag slob remains at large.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  6. The Library’s Transportation Headlines online newspaper link is not working. It says the newspaper doesn’t exit or has been deleted. No email from the site today either.