Menu and design updates improve usability

At first glance, visitors to Metro’s website may not notice that some major changes have taken place to improve their user experience. Metro has updated its global navigation and overall site design to present information more clearly, no matter how you access

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Improved Navigation

Metro’s main website navigation appears atop of each page site. Now a much wider and larger menu will provide a tabbed presentation that enhances legibility with larger font sizes, clearer groupings and more hyperlinks to key customer pages.

  • Go – provides information on how to use the Metro system;
  • Grow – provides the latest information on projects in the works;
  • Know – provides news information such as press releases, videos, the Source and El Pasajero; and
  • Metro – provides the current Board of Directors, information for Metro Careers, and agency contact and department information.

Responsive Design

Under the hood, updates to HTML/CSS code resulted in what is referred to as ‘responsive design’. These changes allow page designs to automatically resize to fit whatever device (desktop, smart phone or tablet) you view on. Historically, sites needed to create a text-only version, a mobile version to address each audience, resulting in multiple copies of the same information. Now, one size fits all.

More improvements to come

In the coming weeks, a website survey will be available on to gather customer input on current features and function as well as find out about new features you’d like to see onsite.

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7 replies

  1. Why under Grow, is there no link or information about the I-5 HOV lane project currently active in the valley?

  2. Nextrip should be near Maps, Timetables and Mobile. People really need the info to catch the bus.

  3. Excellent job to you and your team, Mr. Simpson. It is the “small but big improvements” that often really matter!

    • Metro is currently working on the rebuild for the site. Certain improvements should occur before the end of this year, and a major redesign is set to occur in 2014.