City officials celebrate Blue Line Farmers' Market at ribbon cutting event

Photos courtesy of City of Compton

The official ribbon cutting of the Blue Line Farmers’ Market took place this past Wednesday. Major Aja Brown and Compton City Council are fighting back and providing the City of Compton with fresh fruits and vegetables to combat the city’s designation as a ‘Food Desert.’

According to the USDA, the City of Compton meets the criteria of a ‘Food Desert’ because more than 15% of its residents are 1 ½ mile or more from a grocery store. The city’s new Blue Line Farmers’ Market was developed by the Mayor and City Council, in partnership with Metro, to allow residents and riders access to healthy, organic fruits and vegetables.

“The Blue Line Farmers’ Market will not only provide healthy food options for residents of the Compton community, but the market will be accessible to the over 90,000 daily Metro Blue Line riders…” states Mayor Brown.

The Blue Line Farmers’ Market takes place every Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. To get there, take the Blue Line to Compton Station or Metro Bus 202 to Willowbrook/Compton. For more routes and connections, use Trip Planner. Go Metro and save 10% on your purchase. Just show your valid TAP card to any market vendor to receive the discount!


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  1. The City of Compton is not just a ‘food desert,’ it is at the bottom for safety, education and health facilities. Over the years, many of its officials have been prosecuted or resigned in disgrace. Compton School District was taken over by the state. Compton Community College lost accreditation. The City of Compton is now broke, bordering on bankruptcy. Perhaps best for all concerned to break the city into sections and be taken in by adjoining cities, eliminating ‘Compton’ completely.