Metro issues Notice to Proceed for Crenshaw/LAX Line!

Notice to Proceed

Good news this afternoon for the Crenshaw/LAX Line project, with Metro issuing the official “notice to proceed,” the document that allows the contractor to begin design/build work with serious construction expected to begin in 2014. As the notice says, the contractor — Walsh/Shea Corridor Constructors — has five years to complete the work.

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  1. Will the Crenshaw Line have a designated color??? I keep asking this question, but nobody seems to know.

    • Hi Mike;

      Yes, it will likely have a color and it’s to be determined.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. Metro, as contingency, you MUST have a 15 minute shuttle to the terminals…. I mean the same little trolleys that are the 603 and the World Way West/Playa line. I love you guys Metro, but the LAX on this title really stinks, and feels untrue, especially since you guys have a Tranist Center off of Sepulveda which is rotting. If not, Id really have a better shot of going to Mariposa, and getting the 232 to Century and Sepulveda (today). I’m sure things will change, but I know the LAX are very very well, and for those that may not, its deceptive because in all honesty this line only gets us one mile closer to the terminals in respect to “Aviation” (good job loop holing with the Blvd) Station, yet its still about a mile out. Just sayin’