A fun safety video from our friends at MBTA in Boston

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Given that it’s Rail Safety Month in California, I thought it would be appropriate to post a new video from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, which provides bus and rail service in the Greater Boston area.

It’s always great to see government agencies be creative — and reject the notion that government has to be a dry, boring endeavor disconnected from the people who fund it. The above video reminds me of another great one from last year, courtesy of the Metro system in Melbourne, Australia.

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California Rail Safety month begins with a message to be safe

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  1. Well…. two very different arguments and the morbidity issue is trumped by the inherent danger of having ‘sidewalks’ against track ditches that doom rolling downhill babystroller’s etc. That’s dumb. It’s dumb to cut blank checks for a barely photo-op token few so they can dance happy in huge stations and vehicles and essentially benefit marginally from the -let’s be honest- least ‘important’ part of subway infrastructure projects- the post-construction/’use’ phase. What’s smart is letting transit user’s pay even as much as nearly as much -if not even more!- as car use would cost for far better (if more miraculously better) performance then even fantasies of car ownership have ever promised instead of charging just too much for availing especially un-needed additional dumb ways to die while the rest of the world insures us extinction in being even worse served even if we are smarter then anyone on the planet; not just smart enough to abstain from at least that. To do anything for love of transit means understanding that all presently involved have been the problem, and the solution will see them fight it as it’s mobility not jobs that it provides. It’s the passenger’s that matter, not the volunteers or hired hands. Blaming us is nothing new, but these video’s are too cute in denying who the victim really is while we ignored they are made by the killers themselves- killers first for failing to obtain market share and second for accepting a lethal product on our behalf making deceased families the cops which is asking them to get us to cut a check for all our flops. Not cool.

  2. I had trouble making head or tail of the one from the “T,” and it strikes me as neither as much fun, nor as effective, as the Australian one (and Greg, I’d characterize it as “darkly humorous,” rather than merely “morbid.”)

  3. I love the Melbourne clip although it took a long time to get to the point. Not as wild about the Boston MTA video but applaud it for trying something different that might appeal to kids.