City of Santa Clarita breaks ground on new Sand Canyon Road/SR- 14 Beautification Project

The City of Santa Clarita broke ground on the Sand Canyon/SR-14 Gateway Beautification Project earlier today. The project is designed to improve 3.4 acres with environmentally-friendly landscaping and a water efficient irrigation system. Metro has provided $1.352 million for the project through Call for Projects.

Here’s the press release from the City of Santa Clarita:

The project will improve 3.4 acres within the Caltrans rights of way at the Sand Canyon north and south bound on and off ramps.  Environmentally-friendly landscaping will include sizeable oak trees, shrubs, and grasses, as well as low twisting stone walls and natural colored stone pavers.

The Sand Canyon Road and SR 14 beautification project is part of the City of Santa Clarita’s commitment to beautifying all gateway corridors to provide a positive community image for residents and visitors.  Beautification of entry points also helps maintain higher property values and supports the City’s and other business organization’s effort to attract targeted companies to the area.

“This project is part of the City’s overall goal to make significant improvements to major gateways into and out of our community,” commented Mayor Bob Kellar. “I know the residents and commuters who travel this area daily will appreciate the new environmentally-friendly, drought tolerant landscaping that is designed to complement the natural terrain and thrive in this environment.”

This beautification project is a federally funded Metro grant administered through the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).  Responsible for allocating federal, state and local transportation funds to improve all modes of surface transportation, Metro distributes funding through the Call for Projects program and the Sand Canyon Road/State 14 beautification project has a total fund of $1.352 million.

“Our freeways help our region stay mobile, but we should also work to keep them maintained,” said Metro Board Chair and Lakewood City Council Member Diane DuBois. “The Sand Canyon Beautification Project is going to make not just the roadway, but the Sand Canyon area, more inviting. And it’s being funded $1.352 million from Metro’s Call for Projects. When completed, it will make Santa Clarita an even more welcoming place, and best of all it is being done in an environmentally friendly way.”

For more information on the Sand Canyon Road and SR 14 beautification project or the groundbreaking, please contact Gail Ortiz at (661) 255-4314.

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