L.A. Union Station Master Plan comment period is extended

Thank you to everyone who attended the Community Workshop on Thursday, August 1, 2013. We hope the presentation and workshop provided a clear understanding of the revised alternatives and our vision for a staged development of the property. The refined alternatives reflect stakeholder feedback, additional technical studies and input from transit operators, and offer additional layers of design to the original diagrams presented in May.

If you missed the meeting and would like to view a recording of the presentation, we encourage you to check out our Ustream channel. In addition, a copy of the presentation in English, Spanish and Chinese will soon be available on our project website and our Facebook page.

We have extended the deadline to submit comments to August 30 and encourage you to submit your feedback to our refined alternatives. You can find the comment form on our project website under “Project Updates.” If you had a question that was not answered at the meeting, or if you have additional questions, please email the project team directly. All comments will be shared with the team and answers to all questions will be posted on our project website and Facebook page. You can submit questions and comments in the following ways:


LA Union Station Master Plan

One Gateway Plaza-MS 99-23-4

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Email: lausmp@metro.net

Phone: 213.922.2499

We have scheduled a Metro Board of Directors workshop on September 18 at 3:30pm to familiarize the Board with our proposed alternatives. We anticipate that the Board of Directors will make a recommendation on a preferred alternative in October 2013. In the meantime, we encourage you to talk to your friends and neighbors about the project. Continue to connect with our website, Facebook and Twitter pages as we provide updates throughout the process.

LA Union Station Master Plan Team

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  1. How come the progress seems so slow on the proposed new bus stop on the I-10 Expresslanes connecting to Patsaouras Transit Plaza? Isn’t it part of the Expresslanes project?

    Can Metro or Caltrans (or whichever authorities) consider lifting the “bus only” restrictions on SB710 to WB10 Expresslanes and EB10 Expresslanes to NB710? Those restrictions seem unnecessary anymore.