Metro and Metrolink team up for Dodgers vs. Padres

Photo: Dodgers Official Facebook

Photo: Dodgers Official Facebook

The San Diego Padres will take on the boys in blue at Dodger Stadium on Friday, August 30 and Saturday, August 31, and Metrolink is offering special train service from Oceanside to L.A. Union Station for both games. Get a round trip ticket for just $7 on game day.

The train will depart from Oceanside at 3:26 p.m. on Friday and at 2 p.m. on Saturday. See the list of scheduled stops here. Once at Union Station, hop on board the Dodger Stadium Express for a free ride to the game. The return trip on Metrolink will leave from Union Station 45 minutes after the game ends.

The deal gets even better if you take advantage of Metro’s exclusive Destination Discounts when purchasing tickets to Friday’s game. Use the promo code METRO to save up to $20!

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  1. It may not make a difference considering that it’s a game against the Padres but Metrolink’s departure 45 minutes after the game ends strikes me as cutting things a little close. Maybe not and presumably Metro has okayed the departure time but it was my first impression.