Full side view with new paint and decal styling, including “Metro” supergraphics and yellow dot patterns conveying motion and Southern California sunlight. Nighttime and daytime train visibility has been greatly enhanced.

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  1. from the pics provided I’m struck by the lack of contrast for the graphic “Metro” – white against light grey? lowest contrast just after white on white…seems superfluous.
    “color” scheme looks like Metro is afraid of color.

  2. I think the black line on the windows that are in current livery would look great with this new color scheme.

  3. Any improvements to the Interior? How about some new upholstery with a bit of padding. The hard fully upright seats are more appropriate for a true metro or subway not a long distance train that does the job of both metro and suburban commuter rail.
    Doesn’t the blue line cover the same sort of distances as BART or a German S-Bahn rapid commuter rail? I’ve found that in other cities rail cars which cover the same sort of distances or have similar trip duration usually have more comfortable seats with padding and a taller seat back.

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