Downtown Long Beach Station signage to change by end of September

The Metro Blue Line Transit Mall Station in Long Beach was renamed Downtown Long Beach Station to more clearly reflect the location. The name change was approved by the Metro Board of Directors at their last meeting in July.

Revisions will be made to the station’s overhead displays, as well as its map case signs and Braille/raised-letter signs located on the station platform. Revisions also will be made to onboard audio announcements reflecting the new station name.

The revisions to fixed signage are anticipated to be completed and installed by the end of September, so keep an eye out! Revisions to maps, brochures and other printed materials that are updated periodically will be made as each item is reprinted.

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  1. I’ve noticed that the braille in the metro stations are faded where parts of the dots aren’t there. I’ve never seen signage in braille on any of the blue line stations. While we’re on topic of braille etc., why aren’t the stations notifying us which train is arriving and which direction? This is important for those of us who want a train, but don’t know which is coming. They share tracks quite a bit. 7th street was doing this recently, but last time I was there just a few weeks ago, downstairs didn’t announce a thing but did once Expo opened. Also, upstairs, operators should wait to announce what train they are until they stop. I notice some of them start announce as the train is coming in. Other times, no announcement is made.

    • Hi Jared,

      Excellent points, and I will pass them along to the appropriate parties.

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Writer

      • Thanks Anna. I notice that the Gold line is the only line that allows for the trains to announce where they are going. This only occurs when the operator lets it. One time i was at the green line, and the blue line train announced as it was coming in, blue line to Los Angeles, but I’ve never really heard the operators announce which train it is. Blue line shares tracks quite a bit. Also, I’ve noticed that the trains don’t seem to wait long, with a lot of passengers trying to get out, the blue line especially wants to close its doors and people are still coming in and going out. Someone is going to get hurt one of these days.

  2. Is Civic Center/Grand Park coming up soon on the to-do list? So far, I’ve only noticed new map case signs and maps there.

    • Hi Alika,

      Not all of the signs have been changed yet as there are a lot more signs for underground stations than above ground, but Metro is working on it.

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Writer