Blue Line riders: Metro Board votes to rename "Transit Mall" station to "Downtown Long Beach" station

Not exactly a surprising vote here given that the name change was requested by the city of Long Beach.

The vote by the Metro Board was unanimous.

Here's the motion by Board Member Don Knabe.


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  1. On the Gold Line, the “Mission Station” in South Pasadena has been re-signed and re-named “South Pasadena” yet the announcements made on the Gold Line still say “Mission Station,” causing great confusion to those who are unsure if the announcement is correct (they are often wrong, inaudible, or “one station off” as the GPS goes haywire).

    I have written twice to METRO about this but, months later it continues to be another suggestion that the sleepy bureaucrats at METRO can’t seem to get around to.

    Oh well…………..

  2. I have taken the Blue Line all the way to Long Beach end of line. Then I was supposed to get on a certain bus line and I had no idea where to find the bus. There are no maps or arrows to buses anywhere on the station, and none around the station either. I gave up an came back home. Most people in the San Fernando Valley have no idea where bus stops are located at the terminus of the Blue Line. Rather than change the name, put up directions to where the many bus lines are that surround the Blue Line Station. The Blue Schedules are no help either.

  3. ^ It would appears the City of Long Beach disagrees with James’ POV, as they requested the change to begin with.

  4. My previous comments on the subject stand: this renaming is ill-conceived, because it implies that 5th St., 1st. St. and Pacific aren’t in downtown Long Beach. (Arguably, “Downtown Long Beach” also includes Anaheim station, and maybe even the PCH station.

    Adding “Watts Towers” to the 103rd Street Station made perfect sense (the only flaw being that it was 23 years late in coming), as the Towers are the major landmark, and for most people who don’t live or work in the area (myself included), they’re about the only reason to detrain there.

    Changing the Imperial/Wilmington station to “Willowbrook” is technically correct, given that it is the only station (barely) in Willowbrook; it at least isn’t a bad change (given that it’s the Blue/Green transfer point, and the site of the interchange track between those two lines, “Willowbrook Crossing,” analogous to “Downtown Crossing” on the Boston “T,” would be better).

    But the renaming of the Long Beach Transit Mall station to “Downtown Long Beach” will accomplish nothing other than the sowing of confusion.