Latest photos of Expo Line Phase 2 progress


A view looking west across the Expo Line bridge over Venice Boulevard.


The Expo Line tracks headed toward the crossing under the 405 freeway.

A pair of nice photos from Expo Line Fan, who has been chronicling construction of the Expo Line for the past few years. Many more photos at Expo Line Fan’s website. Check them out!

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  1. Why isn’t there a column supporting the east bridge at Venice (BENT-17R) just like there is for the west bridge (BENT-17L)? I assume it’s because you didn’t want to obstruct traffic on Robertson Blivd. south of Venice?

  2. …………wow………: ( well i know that expo bundy brige is under construction

  3. @Transit Rider: My guess is that building station directly above a thoroughfare involves more street closures and more cost. Since that station is at the end of the line for Phase I, building it east of the street saved some time and $$$ on Phase I.

  4. I always wondered why the station was not directly above Venice.

  5. PALMS Station Has Not Started Just the Bridge East of the Station the Stations in Santa Monica Not yeat Started are 17th Street and 4th Street but these should start soon

    • Hi Jose;

      I’ve been out of town and haven’t been over that way in a few weeks. I believe work is underway on all the stations or at least the alignment at the staion locations.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source