Torrance Transit now accepting TAP cards on Route 4 Express bus

Some good news for Torrance Transit riders: starting today, TAP cards will be accepted on Route 4 Express service between Torrance and downtown Los Angeles.

That means that TAP cards loaded with stored value, EZ transit passes and/or inter-agency transfers may be tapped on Route 4 fareboxes for fare payment. In addition, TAP stored value may be added to TAP cards at Torrance City Hall (West Annex building) beginning the week of July 8.

Stored value can also be loaded onto TAP cards at at and Metro ticket vending machines at Metro Rail and Orange Line stations.

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  1. Robb,

    Buy a moped. That’s what most people are starting to realize these days that they are cheaper, faster, and more reliable than either the car or public transit. For a year’s worth of 30 day passes, you can buy a decent 50 cc moped. And since mopeds gets excellent gas mileage, you get by cheaper in terms of the bus and the car in the long run depending on your travel distance needs.

    Take your pick:

    A bus pass that costs $900 a year with no guarantee that bus pass rates will remain at $75 a month, that in which you have to wait for the bus to come to take you to your destination (which may not even be that far away)

    A car that is expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, eats up gas like crazy

    Or a moped that you can buy for about the same price as your annual cost of a bus pass, gas mileage that’s excellent in the range of 80-100 MPG making the cost per mile less than 5 cents a mile, and you get to go when you want to go instead of waiting forever for the bus to arrive.

  2. Now, if only Torrance Transit were useful to me. I work in Torrance and live in Pasadena and the 4 bus only travels the opposite direction of my commute. I’ve taken the Silver Line to the Harbor Gateway Transit Center before, but Torrance Transit’s Rte 1 bus only runs every 45 minutes or so (that’s the one that goes by my office) and rarely sticks to its schedule, so I can’t depend on it to reliably get me to work.

    Metro buses are better and more reliable than Torrance Transit. But there’s a 20-sq-mile area bounded by Vermont, Artesia, Hawthorne and PCH that’s not served by a single Metro bus route. And I work smack-dab in the middle of it.

  3. So how’s the ease of use when making transfers from Metro to Torrance Transit and vice-versa using cash value TAP?

    Do we STILL have to talk to the bus drivers and hope they understand how to do Metro-to-Muni and Muni-to-Metro correctly?

    Or are we STILL WAITING for the fare to be deducted automatically, the correct transfer fare without the need of talking to anybody, which in this day and age can be done with little programming?

    I want things simple:

    Board Metro, TAP in, deducts $1.50. Board Torrance Transit next, TAP in, deducts $0.35.

    Board Torrance Transit, TAP in, deducts $1.00. Board Metro next, TAP in, deducts $0.40.

    I don’t want to memorize that it’s $0.35 going from Metro-to-Torrance Transit and it’s $0.40 going from Torrance Transit-to-Metro and hope that bus drivers know to deduct only that amount instead of deducting a full $1.00 or $1.50.