Transportation headlines, Tuesday, July 9

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the Library’s Transportation Headlines online newspaper, which you can also access via email subscription (visit the newspaper site) or RSS feed.

Mayor Garcetti on Red line in May. Photo: Eric Garcetti for Mayor

Mayor Garcetti on Red line in May. Photo: Eric Garcetti for Mayor

How Mayor Garcetti can keep L.A. County transportation on track (CityWatchLA)

There are a bunch of good suggestions here for our new mayor to consider, as he gets down to the business of continuing to grow L.A. into the 21st century region it needs to be to complete financially and provide a comfortable lifestyle for residents. A few of the suggestions don’t ring particularly true but maybe you think differently. What’s your take?

In Europe, greener transit on existing infrastructure (New York Times)

Now that Metro is venturing into the world of electric buses (see Source post), it’s interesting to note how other cities are approaching the problem of re-charging so that buses with long routes can get from beginning to end and back to the charging station again. Here’s how Vienna is approaching the issue. (Let me be the first to volunteer to check it out.)

Mapping the untold stories of Leimert Park (KCET)

As Metro prepares for construction of the Crenshaw/LAX line, KCET is gearing up to produce a story on Leimert Park — a hub of African American arts and culture — and is asking viewers to send in their stories and ideas about the area. If you want to contribute, fill out the form here. Sounds like fun.