Metro Responds to BHUSD Consultant Memo on Century City Station Location

Today Metro  released its review of a Beverly Hills Unified School District consultant memo that challenged the agency’s geotechnical rationale  for choosing the Constellation site for the Purple Line Extension ‘s Century City station.

The review, sent to Metro’s Board of Directors today, essentially says that nothing in the consultant memo changes the agency’s recommendations.

July 9 Update: Metro has revised its review with additional details.  The updated version of this Board report is below with additions in bold.

Read the report below.

Metro Response to BHUSD Consultant Memo (update)

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5 replies

  1. The BH concern for safety appears more and more disingenuous and misguided at best. If BHUSD were so interested in safety They can prove it by first shutting down the active Oil rig at the southwest corner of the school campus on Olympic…….

  2. Alex, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Emotion has blinded subway opponents to fact-based analysis. For Beverly Hills residents, this issue has evolved into some kind of perceived offense/insult to their community. Now civic pride is one thing, but what we see in many subway opponents is a strange mix of victim mentality and a sense of exaggerated self-importance.

    And of course, let’s not forget the fact that many Beverly Hills folks *hate* Century City, the giant L.A. district of skyscrapers at the very edge of Beverly Hills. I believe many in Beverly Hills would love to see Century City’s station forced to the edge of a golf course, where it would rarely be used.

    We are all citizens of our neighborhood, our city, our county, our region, our state and our nation — all at the same time. It’s important for people to be able to see themselves in these various contexts, when evaluating improvements like this.

    I think the benefits to Beverly Hills of this project are enormous. And if built right, it can also benefit Century City as well. And why not – it’s a great project, and there’s plenty of benefit to everybody – IF it’s built right.

  3. @Sebastian

    I think BHUSD’s concern about safety was genuine at the very, very beginning.

    But somewhere pride and face got in the way and now BHUSD (and BH) is stuck at a point of no return.

  4. Hopefully BHUSD can understand that many other major cities have subways passing under schools with no problems. The red line has been running under Esperanza elementary school for 20 years without a problem.