Metro releases latest Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor map

13-2009_map_Project_CrenshawLAX_May13.inddThe Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Project team today released the latest project map of the 8.5-mile rail line, which includes official names of the eight new stations: Expo/Crenshaw, Crenshaw/Martin Luther King, Crenshaw/Vernon (Leimert Park), Crenshaw/Slauson, Florence/West, Florence/La Brea, Florence/Hindry and Aviation/Century.  The Crenshaw/LAX line will serve the Crenshaw Corridor, Inglewood, Westchester and the LAX area. It will offer an alternative transportation option to congested roadways and provide significant environmental benefits, economic development and employment opportunities. The Crenshaw/LAX project is one of 12 transit projects funded by Measure R, the half-cent sales tax approved by Los Angeles County voters in 2008.

The map is available at

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  1. Despite the valid critique about the egregious deficiency LA has in not connecting various parts of town to LAX, It is interesting that there seem to be no positive comments from the population that the Crenshaw line will actually serve.

  2. The map just shows how Crenshaw line will be contructed not how it will operate.

    While Metro hasn’t decided on any particular service pattern, the EIR provides plenty of clue. Most likely, the “Crenshaw” line will be assigned the “green” color and will operate as 2 branch, a north/south line from Expo line to Redondo Beach; and an east/west line from Norwalk to Century/Aviation.

    As for a 1-seat ride to Downtown LA, there is no physically possible way to tie the Expo and Crenshaw line tracks (one is above ground and one is under ground). Not to mention adding another line to Downtown Connector will cause frequency in other lines to drop. I would much rather Expo and “Crenshaw” Green line both run at high frequency and an easy transfer at Expo/Crenshaw station.

    And lastly, regarding extending the Metro rail to LAX terminals, our one last best hope is that the “Norwalk” portion of the Green line will be eventually extended from Century/Aviation station to Santa Monica via Lincoln Blvd. This extension will need to go underground via LAX to reach Lincoln Blvd and it will be possible to add maybe 2 LAX stations if we design this thing properly.

  3. Will trains run from Norwalk to crenshaw/expo or only from Redondo to crenshaw/expo?

    It is too bad that the line can’t run underground and have a station in the airport, by coming of of the harbor subdivision ROW and going in a tunnel to the middle of LAX and then connecting to the wye already in place on the green line. If measure j had passed would the money have been there for this?

    Also I think that for maintenance purposes it would make sense for crenshaw to connect to expo so that crenshaw and green line trains can be maintained at the new expo and gold line yards and tie the whole light rail system together.

  4. Who’s responsible for planning these new Metro rail lines?? This LAX line won’t even go directly into LAX Airport Terminals 1-7! By the time this line is completed in 2020, air-travel may be out of fashion… It will stop a mile short of LAX, take San Francisco’s BART system as an example the SF BART Bay Area RAPID Transit goes directly into SFO. There’s also AirTram shuttle which stops at each terminal, ground transportation, and parking…

  5. There needs to be a direct Metro Rail Link to LAX International Airport Terminals 1-7!! This Crenshaw line’s a great idea but if you want to connect the center of downtown LA with LAX Airport, Metro should build a direct link from downtown Union Station to the Airport and a direct rail line under Lincoln blvd from Santa Monica If I were to take Metro Rail from my house in Culver City to LAX I would have to take the Expo Line to downtown Pico Station transfer to the Blue Line then transfer to the Green Line to LAX as you can see this is way out of the way…

    I also recommend Extending this “Crenshaw/LAX Line” to the Purple Line subway.

    The only fast option to LAX would be the Culver City Bus Line 6 which still takes about 45 mins-1 hour to get to LAX by bus, clearly the fastest way to LAX is sadly still by car…

  6. There is clearly a need for more North-South Rail Lines here in LA!!
    I suggest building a Rapid Heavy Rail Line alongside the 405 freeway from the Valley to LAX International Airport Terminals 1-7 with stops at Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Getty Center, UCLA, Westwood(Transfer to purple Line subway), Expo/Sepulveda(Transfer to Expo Line), Palms, Venice blvd (Transfer to Venice Line), Fox Hills Mall, The Bridge mall, Manchester/Sepulveda/Westchester and LAX Airport Terminals 1-7 terminus(Transfer to Green Line to South Bay).

    Metro has got to think about the whole region of LA, the 405 freeway expansion project that has gone over budget and has been delayed and taking forever and adding one carpool lane it isn’t really going to benefit the people of Los Angeles after all there’s just going to be more and more traffic jams on roads and the freeways… Please Build a Rapid Train alongside the 405 freeway!! BUILD THINGS THAT MAKE SENSE!!

  7. It should be that the Green Line tracks south of Aviation/LAX are “given” to the Crenshaw Line, and ALL Green Line trains terminate at Aviation/Century. That would avoid riders taking the Green Line and having to transfer at Aviation/LAX to the Crenshaw Line, only to transfer yet again to the people mover at Aviation/Century.

  8. Just curious (and I apologize if this has been asked and answered before): But once the regional connector is complete, will it be possible then to extend this rail line into downtown via Expo Line?? Will it be that more congested if that is the case?? Of course extending this rail line north is a smart idea, but of course having a Downtown branch isn’t a bad idea either.

  9. One of the issues is a long term prospect of connecting Crenshaw Line to LAX. It’s going to be a long arduous process and battle between Metro and LAWA. It would take another 10 years to resolve the issue. In the meantimes, Crenshaw Line would have to be contented with just connecting to the Green Line…

  10. I agree with the comments above, a City like LA with a Crenshaw light rail project that takes you to the middle of nowhere. at least take it all the way to the purple line on Wilshire.

  11. At last, the age-old daydream of a single-seat ride between Leimert Park and Redondo Beach will be realized. Hasten the day!

  12. Aviation and Century is nowhere near the airport gates.

    Money should have been spent on making an underground LAX station, not the expensive Leimart Park station.

    Any sort of Metro+LAWA solution in the future would for sure require another seat/transfer… be it shuttle, bus, people mover, monorail.

    Missed opportunity and what a hassle.

  13. Anna Chen:

    As you cited, the key word in the above replies to the older comments is “MERGE.”

    That implies that the Crenshaw line WILL NOT STOP at the Aviation/LAX station, and, the MTA map shows exactly that!

    But, unfortunately, the map does NOT show the Crenshaw line continuing to Redondo Beach; I hope that’s not wishful thinking on your part.

    • Morris,

      The Crenshaw/LAX Line will stop at Aviation. The tracks will merge and the train will continue on towards Redondo Beach. It is much the same way both Expo trains and Blue Line trains share the platform at Pico Station. This is one of the options. There are other options being considered. To speculate now would be premature as actual construction hasn’t even begun on the line yet.

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Writer

  14. If Barcelona and San Francisco can manage to construct several rail (Metro and commuter) lines connecting the city center and their airports, why can’t LA? What is the excuse this time? The poor overpriced taxi industry will lose money? Build it right, even Utah can manage to do it!

  15. Currently, for single-seat transfers between Union Station and LAX, the Flyaway Bus is the only game in town, unless you want to take a cab, or maybe (if they are even allowed to service the route) call a shared transfer van service.

    You want to take MetroRail between Union Station and LAX, it’s a FOUR-SEAT RIDE, and the last seat is a bus.

    When the so-called Crenshaw-LAX line, as currently planned opens (assuming that the powers that be don’t come to their senses, and build a line that actually serves a purpose), it will STILL BE A FOUR-SEAT RIDE, whether you take red/purple, blue, green, and the remote parking bus, or red/purple, expo, Crenshaw, and the remote parking bus.

    Anybody who has been in the Market Street Subway of the San Francisco MUNI, or in the MBTA Green Line Subway between Lechmere and Copley, or up on the Chicago “L” in “The Loop” (in all three places, peak traffic has trains coming through one after another, sometimes on no more than a minute or two of headway, in perfect safety) will tell you that the Blue/Expo trunk has plenty of additional capacity, more than enough to route Crenshaw/LAX trains all the way to Union Station; the only reason why it’s currently bottlenecked is because 7th/Metro is a turnaround point. When the Connector opens (in the process, creating a single-seat ride from Long Beach to both the Music Center and Union Station), the reason for that bottleneck (and for choosing an alignment that forces people to change trains at Expo/Crenshaw) will go away.

    As to the line not actually going to LAX, well, I see no evidence to conclude that this is anything but either (a) the work of very rich, very influential people who stand to lose money if there’s a single-seat all-rail Union Station-LAX link, (b) a turf war between Metro (L.A. County) and LAWA (L.A.City), or most likely (c) BOTH.

    I have never in my life opposed the building of a rail transit project as planned. Until this one.

  16. Anna,
    Will the Crenshaw Line terminate at El Segundo, as you say, or will it continue down to Redondo Beach station?
    I’m also thinking, what if it could operate all the way from Redondo Beach up the Crenshaw corridor and then interline on Expo tracks to downtown?

    • Hi Daniel,

      It will terminate at Redondo Beach. The previous reply was a mistake and has been corrected! Thanks for catching that.

      And while it’d be pretty awesome if the Crenshaw Line could merge with the Expo Line…that means it’d also merge with the Blue Line at Pico, and that might be too much to handle.

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Writer

  17. Do any of the three options for connecting to LAX (mentioned below) include having rail actually go into the airport, like other world cities?

  18. The most stupid thing about this is that not only does it not go directly to the airport, since it’s a separate line called the Crenshaw Line, people will have to pay an additional $1.50 for the transfer when going from Century/Aviation and transferring to the Green Line at Aviation/LAX one station away because of the dumb “pay per ride” concept. That’s how Metro is going to milk money from everyone by forcing them to pay an additiona “$1.50 tax” so to speak for that short one station ride into/out of LAX when using to/from the Green Line. And to make matters worse, you have to pay $1.50 to get you one step closer to LAX, but you still aren’t there because it’s still a mile east of LAX proper.

    Why is it that we have so many stupid problems trying to get mass transit when every other single city out there manages to get it right the first time around!! It’s like Metro purposely screws everything up so that they can continue to milk everybody for more taxes to fix it later. Metro, stop wasting taxes and trying to reinvent the wheel! Build it right the first time around! Do your job!

    • Hi Manny,

      The Crenshaw/LAX Line will merge with the Green Line at Aviation Station and share one track to continue to Redondo Beach, so there will not be any transfers.

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Writer

  19. There should not be optional stations anymore. Last month, the Metro Board finally confirmed to add two stations: Leimert Park Station and Hindry Station. The allocated funding for those two stations is being sorted out by Metro staff.

  20. Why doesn’t this line actually reach the airport? How can Metro build a 2nd line to the airport and not make it to the airport again? Century and Aviation is a mile east of the airport. This is going to confuse and upset travelers who , rightly so, think the LAX line will take them to the directly airport.

    • Hi Concerned,

      Metro is currently working with LAWA to explore three options that will connect Aviation with the airport.

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Metro

  21. I thought the Crenshaw Line merged with the southermost portion of the Green Line? Does it really terminate at LAX?

    • Hi Jose,

      The Crenshaw/LAX Line merges with the Green Line at Aviation Station, where they will share the tracks continuing to Redondo Beach (sort of the same way Blue and Expo share tracks between 7th/Metro and Pico).

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Writer