Metro to reconstruct entrance to South Pasadena Station

Metro will begin rebuilding a new ADA-compliant access ramp to replace existing stairs on the southbound platform of the Metro Gold Line South Pasadena Station. Access to the platform will be available during construction for patrons traveling to Union Station. The work is expected to be completed by the end of September 2013.

Metro will have ambassadors at the station during peak hours to assist passengers using the ticket vending machines and the TAP validators at the station. There are eight ticket vending machines and six TAP validators at the station. Only two TVMs will be out of service during construction.

Construction will take place Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In addition, Metro will rebuild the north end of the entrance on Mission Street for patrons with disabilities. The ADA-compliant entrance on the south side of the platform at El Centro Street will remain open.

For more information contact Customer Relations at (213) 922-6235. For schedules or to plan a trip, Trip Planner.

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  1. Metro (LACMTA) did NOT build this station!

    The entity now called the Metro Gold Line Foothill Construction Authority (back then they were the Pasadena Blue Line Construction Authority) built it and handed it over to Metro.

  2. BS. You all know Metro could’ve got this job the first time around.

    They’re only doing this because it gives them another showcase job so that they can say “oh we need an additional wheelchair ramp that we CONVENIENTLY FORGOT to make the first time around so can you give us more of your paychecks?”

  3. If Metro keeps using the terms “connectivity” and “mobility,” wouldn’t they have put a ramp, rather than stairs, in when the station was built, not just for the disabled but for all the people having to lug suitcases up those stairs. El Centro is not convenient as a drop-off point and a scary one at night. The same for pickups. “Connectivity” equals Gold Line to Union Station where a connection is made to another train or to FlyAway Bus. “Mobility” equals being able to make this connection easily with a suitcase. Also, has the elevator from the Gold Line at Union Station been cleaned yet? The last three times I have used it it was filthy.

  4. @bobtatfore,

    The station is ADA compliant… Metro is just adding more ADA compliant ramps for convenience.

  5. To be clear there are ADA entrances on both platforms of the station, it’s just that they are on one side or the other, but not both. So someone who is using a wheelchair would have to drive themselves the whole length of the platform, instead of just entering the end that an able bodied person would.

  6. The obvious question is why, in the 21st century, this station was built without ADA entrances in the first place.

  7. What was wrong with the old ones and who approved them when they were built in 2002/2003? Wasn’t what is now the South Pasadena Station built by what is now the “Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority” and should we be concerned as to any such decisions they are making at present on the “Segment 2A”?

  8. I hope the signal priority for Meridian is also considered during this work. I’ve waited for five crossing gate cycles there. You shouldn’t have to wait for more than 5 minutes to cross an intersection.