Transportation headlines, Tuesday, June 25

ART OF TRANSIT: Guess the intersection! And after you incorrectly guess, click above to check out the Metro Library's awesome Flickr stream with tons of similar photos of Los Angeles Transit Lines' streetcars. Photo: Alan Weeks.

ART OF TRANSIT: Guess the intersection! And after you incorrectly guess, click above to check out the Metro Library’s awesome Flickr stream with tons of similar photos of Los Angeles Transit Lines’ streetcars. Answer is after the jump. Photo: Alan Weeks.

Obama outlines ambitious plan to cut greenhouse gases (New York Times) 

President Obama, trying to fulfill a campaign promise, explains executive orders he will issue to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that are blamed for climate change. It’s a relevant issue here, as greenhouse gases are created by the burning of fossil fuels by the transportation sector. Another big culprit is the power industry, which relies on burning coal to generate electricity. The President said he intends to cut emissions from both existing and new power plants while further limiting emissions from heavy trucks.

Of course, we can do our part. Walking, cycling and taking transit — which burns fossil fuels but transports a lot of people in the process — are all good ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

To toll or not: could the feds lift a ban on interstate tolling? (Governing) 

Proponents – including the tolling industry (shocker!) – say that lifting the ban would help pay for highway maintenance and make up for the shrinking revenue generated by the federal gas tax. With Congressional elections always on the cusp of happening, lawmakers have — another shocker! — shown no interest in raising the tax.

Party train to Vegas still looking for a station (L.A. Times) 

The X Train that is supposed to travel between Fullerton and Las Vegas has been delayed while the private venture tries to find a depot on the Vegas end of things. One likely candidate is in North Las Vegas, which is 11 miles from the Strip. Hmm. This train is not to be confused with the proposed XpressWest bullet train that would run between Victorville and Las Vegas. That project is still seeking federal financing.

The photo was taken at 8th and Western in Los Angeles in 1950.

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  1. Vegas does not really need a transit hub as the destination behind The Plaza Hotel/Casino is already right-of-way, adjacent to Greyhound Bus Terminal and near major bus terminal for the City of Las Vegas. The full right-of-way has been in place for many decades. Airline lobby folk kept it from being used. Since Amtrak has the right-of-way to Vegas from Los Angeles, and, they receive Federal Funds, they must provide/subsidize another route. They do so by contracting thru Greyhound via Union Station. I took their bus. It stinks and takes a long time to get to Vegas. The rail lines are in place. All it takes is a little leadership and pride on the part of our highly paid transit hierarchy to grow a set and do the right thing. As of yet, their silence is deafening.

  2. There is an okay transit hub south-adjacent to McCarran, it’s called South Strip Terminal and it’s on Sunset and Gilespie. The Megabuses drop you off there, and a bunch of the local buses stop there too, including Deuce and SDX that will take you to the strip. There’s just no rail to it.

  3. Seems that maybe Vegas should invest in a transit hub, maybe near McCarran airport. With a streecar or other rail that runs (grade separated) up, then down the strip with a visit to the airport, the transit hub, and convention center. The various bus services could drop folks there. Those from a distance could fly in, do Vegas, take the train down to the OC, do Anaheim, take the train back and fly home.

  4. I wonder what happened with the planned X Train station that was going to be next to the Plaza in downtown Vegas? I could’ve sworn I saw proposed renderings for a station there.