Reminder: bus and rail service changes went into effect yesterday

New bus schedules went into effect yesterday on some lines. Please check these timetables to see when your bus is arriving and departing.

Please see this link for more info about route adjustments on the 30/330, 40, 290 and 603.

In addition, the Gold and Expo lines are now running every 10 minutes until midnight instead of every 20 minutes. And the Orange Line is running every 15 minutes until 11 p.m. and then every 20 minutes until close.

Another note on the Gold Line: weekend day-time service will now be every seven to eight minutes instead of every six minutes. The reason: this allows Metro to run longer trains to accommodate the growing number of bicyclists and customers with large items. Metro heard from a number of customers saying the shorter but more frequent trains were becoming a very tight squeeze.

Also, the last southbound Gold Line train  each night will now depart two minutes earlier –at 12:12 a.m. rather than 12:14 a.m. It’s only a two minute difference but it’s a big headache if you do. Customers should check all late night train times as some have been slightly adjusted.

4 replies

  1. I have noticed the longer trains on the GoldLine. Let’s hope that fixes the crowding. Would love it if there was enough ridership to warrant more frequent 3 car units.

  2. Wish they would increase frequency on the Red Line. The trains there run half as often during the day!

  3. Amazing… Expo now has more frequent service in the evening that during rush hour! I guess I should start working late so I have a shorter wait for a train. Is Metro in collusion with my boss?