Limited service on Blue Line from Willowbrook to Long Beach Friday, June 21

Willowbrook-LBTM (30 Mins) by sourcemetro

Due to urgent track repair work must be completed on the Metro Blue Line, there will be limited train service between Willowbrook Station and Long Beach Transit Mall this Friday, June 21.

Starting at 9 p.m. until close of service, trains will only run every 30 minutes between Willowbrook Station and Long Beach Transit Mall. Announcements will be made at Blue Line stations, you can also follow real time alerts on Twitter or check Metro’s Service Advisories page. Please plan ahead and expect extended wait times if you need to travel that segment Friday night.

Regular Friday evening service will run between 7th/Metro and Willowbrook.

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  1. This is a good example of why in my earlier post in another article reply, I said why I doubt time based fares is a good idea.

    So if we were on the time based system now, and service runs only at 30 minute intervals, at worst if they got to the platform as the train left, that person will be wasting 30 minutes after they TAP in at the now locked gates just waiting at the platform. The clock starts ticking at TAP-in point, meaning wait time for the train is wasted.

    If the time based was something like “$2.00 for any number of free transfers within 60 minutes,” 30 minutes is lost just waiting for the train. And since it takes more than 30 minutes to get from Willowbrook to Long Beach, the time is up by the time you reach your destination.

    I hope Metro puts those issues into consideration when they propose time based fares. In my opinion, I think the problems are not worth exploring this option. I think it’s fairer to leave the time factor out and just go straight distance based as distance traveled won’t change no matter how long you wait for the train, the distance between point A and point B is always the same, except every people’s “point A” and “point B” are different from person to person.